A coastal walk along the Cleveland Way - Staithes to Runswick Bay - Gorgeous Cottages
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A coastal walk along the Cleveland Way – Staithes to Runswick Bay

Enjoy a coastal walk in the North York Moors

The Cleveland Way is 109miles long made up of Glorious Heather Moorland and stunning Coastal Scenery. It turned out to be a very hot and humid Sunday morning that I chose to do the walk, having only recently had bunion surgery I decided it was time to give the new walking shoes and foot (for that matter) a test!

Starting the walk in Staithes

Staithers on the Yorkshire Coast

My thoughts were that a lovely walk along the Coast would be the cooler option over the North York Moors or Dales, how wrong I was, there wasn’t a breath of air and the Sea was just like a “Mill Pond”. I parked in the Public Car Park at the top of Staithes and headed down the steep bank, with my back pack containing a sandwich, apple and a bottle of water and of course the obligatory sunscreen!

Cod & Lobster in Staithes

Once at the bottom and passing The Cod & Lobster pub overlooking the harbour I immediately headed right to a further steep climb to reach the Cleveland Way and the start of my walk for the day… Phew !!

Enjoying the view

Runswick Bay on the Yorkshire Coast

Now on the footpath and I took in the view of the lovely harbour below. Do you know that The young James Cook was an apprentice shopkeeper here before heading off to the South Seas on his maiden voyage…Staithes was also one of the largest Fishing Ports along the North East Coast.

Cleveland Way walk on the yorkshire Coast

It’s a lovely walk which is undulating here and there with a few steepish ascents and descents thrown in along the way.

Staithes is a pretty fishing village in the North York Moors

I met a few fellow walkers along the way who were also enjoying the scenery and hoping, like me for a little breeze… There were some lovely wild flowers to enjoy along the way…vetch, clover, birds foot trefoil.

North York Moors Coastline

Passing by Port Mulgrave

The next little Hamlet I stumbled across (not literally of course) was Port Mulgrave, a former Ironstone port with a cluster of cottages at its head…

Coastal walks along the Cleveland Way

The original path used to be a little lower down than the current path but sadly due to Coastal erosion it’s now been placed a little higher for around a half mile stretch…

North York Moors Coastal Walks

Sky Larks accompanied me for most of the walk, often difficult to see but ever present with their melodic song, I also saw Blackcaps, Swallows, Sandmartins and of course a variety of Gulls dipping and diving on the thermals.

The Crocodile Head at Runswick Bay

The next landmark to come into view was the rock promontory known locally as “The Crocodile Head” at Runswick Bay pronounced “Runsick” by the locals…

Runswick Bay Staithes Coastal Walk

This gorgeous horseshoe Bay holds a very special place in my heart. I visited it on many occasions when I was a little girl…

Runswick Bay beach

In those days there was a stretch of wooden chalets located just above the shoreline, halfway down the beach, they were magical and a fabulous place to spend my annual weekly holiday.

North York Moors Coastline in Yorkshire

It was way back in the 60’s when I was reading the adventures of The Famous Five and Secret Seven, You could just imagine Rory, Julian and Ann enjoying lashings of ginger beer there.

Happy childhood memories

My happy memories also included sitting outside the chalet overlooking the beach watching the little boats bobbing in the Bay. On an evening Mum & Dad would take me along to the Royal Hotel, which is still there, where I could join them outside with a glass of lemonade and bag of crisps whilst the Pipistrelle bats flew above our heads… happy memories indeed !

Runswick Bay - John Harrison

The myriad of tiny streets, host quaint and picturesque Cottages which clamber on top of one another for the best Sea View…It also boasts the last remaining thatched former Coastguards Cottage on the Yorkshire Coast which clings to the rock face like a limpet

A stop for refreshments

On this occasion I didn’t drop down into The Bay but enjoyed a well deserved stop at “The Cliffmount Hotel” where I had a refreshing glass of Lime & Soda with plenty of ice to quench my thirst before heading back along the track…

It was a very enjoyable, 10 mile walk, which took me around 4 hrs, (including the lunch break) I did 19,000 steps and apparently burnt off 515 Kcal’s. I’m also very pleased to report that both my new walking shoes and foot held up well ? A gorgeous Coastal walk that I would highly recommend…

This blog post was written by the Julie Jones, the Business Development Manager at Gorgeous Cottages. Meet the team.

Gorgeous Cottages are the booking agents for a range of luxury Yorkshire holiday homes – including a wide selection along the Yorkshire Coast.

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3 Responses to “A coastal walk along the Cleveland Way – Staithes to Runswick Bay”

  1. Andrew says:

    Don’t remember Rory being in the Famous Five?

  2. Sounds a lovely walk can’t wait to try it thank you

  3. Julie Smith says:

    You’re right Andrew – well spotted! Rory was actually in Enid Blyton’s The Children of Cherry Tree Farm!

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