A Walk in Wensleydale by Florence, age 6
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A Walk in Wensleydale by Florence, age 6

Wanted to share this with you, my 6 year-old daughter’s description of a recent family walk in Wensleydale. With help from her older sister Poppy, its a lesson in the pleasure of mindfulness and living in the moment…

A Walk in Wensleydale by Florence, age 6

A Walk in Wensleydale

I went on a walk in wensleydale with mummy, daddy and poppy. On the walk I could hear chains ringing
Cars going past on the grey hard road
Poppy chattering as she always does
Tick tacks rattling in my dads pockets
Me sucking a sweet
Pebbles crunching under our feet
Little baby grass hopper
Beautiful flowers in brown spiky baskets
Bees busily buzzing
Grass slightly waving against the breeze
A black and white dog barking loudly
Birds tweeting its nearly time for bed
Tic tacs rattling in my daddys pocket
Sun coming through the trees
I could smell freshly growing flowers
I can see nettles ready to sting someone
Horses races as we walk to the top of the hill
It is very beautiful
I saw a furry rabbit running away
Wind blowing in my hair
I can see a green leaf sticking on its stalk

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