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Cottage Owner Advice – Adding a hot tub to your holiday cottage…

Holiday cottages with hot tubs have never been more popular and adding one will almost certainly mean you’ll achieve higher rates and increased occupancy levels.

Holiday Cottage Advice - adding a holiday cottage to your hot tub.

However hot tubs need regularly maintaining to ensure that not only do they work smoothly but are completely hygienic for your guests.

Here is our Cottage Owner Guide to adding a holiday cottage to your holiday cottage.

Should you add a hot tub to your holiday cottage?

Cottage owner advice - renting your Yorkshire Holiday Cottage

People love hot tubs! They help to make a short break or holiday extra special and will set your cottage apart from other similar properties. Not only will you be able to add a premium onto your rates but your property will get booked up faster and your occupancy will be higher.

Yorkshire Holiday Cottages - Cottage Owner Advice

Hot tubs are in demand across all property types so whether you have a romantic cottage, celebration property or somewhere for friends or family to gather; there is demand for holiday cottages with a hot tub.

Different types of hot tub

Hot tubs come in many different shapes and sizes and you’ll want to get an appropriately sized one for your property. The most popular type is probably an acrylic hot tub with bubble jets that is electrically powered and heated. These are easy for guests to operate and temperature can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

Cottage owner advice - renting your luxury Yorkshire holiday cottage

The other main type of hot tub is a wooden hot tub which are almost always circular in shape and impressive looking. They may be much more in keeping with the look of a period property and can be either electrically heated or wood-fired.

Adding a hot tub to your holiday cottage

If you decide to go down the wood-fired route remember that not all your guests will be adept at building and lighting the pile of logs needed. It also takes time to heat the water so it may be worth offering a service to guests where you prepare and light the wood so that it is ready and waiting for their arrival.

Choosing the location of your hot tub

The hot tub should be a real feature of your outside space so make sure you are making the most of any views. After all what could be nicer than sitting in a hot tub with a glass of bubbly while looking out over the Yorkshire countryside. The views at White Willow Lodge below are pretty spectacular!

Acrylic hot tubs are easy for guests to work

People will also want a degree of privacy so you’ll want a spot that isn’t overlooked – some strategically placed shrubbery or trees can always help with this.
Consider where people will be walking to the hot tub – decking can be a good option.

The hot tub at Wykewood is housed in a Balinese-style Pergoda

Providing some sort of shelter over the hot tub can will make it appealing in all seasons and can look really good too (Wykewood for example has a Balinese style pagoda). Make sure though you aren’t hindering any views – if you have uninteruppted views (like The Pump House in Ilkley) you should just let these shine!

Enjoy the view from the hot tub The Pump House in Ilkley.

Maintaining the hot tub

Every hot tub will come will different manufacturer guidelines for how it should be maintained and these should always be followed.

Adding a hot tub to your holiday cottage

Holiday cottage guests will expect a freshly filled hot tub for their stay so this needs to be factored into your changeover time. The freshly filled water will take a number of hours to get up to temperature so the emptying and refilling should be one of the first jobs on your list.

Holiday cottage with a hot tub

The water should be tested to make sure it is at the correct chemical balance and you should make sure all parts are regularly serviced by appropriate professionals. Make sure your provide some rules / guidance for guests e.g the maximum amount of time they should spend in the hot tub at one time.

Lighting for the hot tub area

Outside lighting is an important health and safety requirement for any holiday cottage and especially so when guests will be making their way to a hot tub.

Cottage owner advice - ensure the ho tub has adequate lighting

The hot tub at Station House

Make sure the hot tub has appropriate lighting – you don’t want it too bright but people need to be able to see where they are going.

Letting your luxury Yorkshire holiday cottage - adding a hot tub

Enjoy the outside space at Birch House near York

Mood lighting can be a real focal point – either using different colours or a twinkly fairy light effect. We love the lighting at Station House in Wensleydale and Birch House near York.

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