Top 5 Styling Tips for Holiday Cottages
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Top 5 Styling Tips for Holiday Cottages

Ever browsed our collection of Yorkshire Cottages and wondered how to achieve that luxury look with a holiday cottage?

Karen Spencer, one of our Gorgeous Cottage Owners and interior designer by trade, is something of an expert at presenting luxury holiday cottages.  Karen owns Habton Cottage, one of our gorgeous holiday cottages in the North York Moors.  In this informative Blog she gives us her Top 5 styling Tips for Holiday Cottages…

Top 5 Styling Tips for Holiday Cottages

Add a focal point to each space

Habton Cottage - North York Moors

Look at each space in your holiday cottage and consider what the stand out feature or focal point is.  If it hasn’t got one, add one.  For example, create a feature wall behind the bed by painting it a contrasting colour to the rest of the room, or add striking wallpaper.  Add a large rug to an otherwise bland expanse of floor or rearrange the furniture to lead your eye to the stunning view beyond the patio doors.  Don’t ignore lobbies, landings or washrooms as these spaces all add to the overall feel of your holiday cottage.

Furnishing your holiday cottage

It can be tempting to fill your holiday home with items you love, but simply have no space for in your own home: artwork, ornaments, pieces of furniture.  But this can result in an incohesive, mismatched and unstylish look. Be strict with yourself and only allow an item into your holiday cottage if it truly fits with the overall style, colour scheme and feel of the cottage.


Angela Summerfield - Spring - The Avenue of Cherry Trees

Consider the style of your holiday home (country cottage, Yorkshire coastal retreat, sleek apartment) and choose images accordingly.  Make sure artwork has a purpose and it’s not simply there to fill a space on the wall. Use it to create impact as a focal point in a room, or to enhance that room’s décor scheme.  Always ensure any artwork is professionally framed and is of a suitable size for the wall – neither too big nor too small.

Add colour

A neutral scheme should certainly be the backdrop throughout your holiday home but use colour too.  For the brave, add colour to a feature wall (via paint or wallpaper), or if you’re more timid add colour with accent colours via soft furnishings (curtains, rugs, scatter cushions and throws).

Finishing touches Burtersett Cottage - Yorkshire Dales

A cliché but they do make all the difference. Coordinating accessories, plumped up cushions, ironed bedding, crockery neatly stacked, curtains opened with tie backs, books arranged tidily on the shelf, the log fire set and the wine chilling in the fridge…

Give your holiday cottage the House-Factor

For more advice on styling your holiday cottage email Karen at or visit her website for more information

Karen has also introduced a handy new email service.  Simply send up to 10 photos of your holiday cottage (or refer her to your website). She’ll then make recommendations on how to improve the styling of your holiday home.  This service is being offered FREE to the first 10 respondents and then at an introductory price of £50, refundable against any future House Factor service.

Happy Styling!



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  1. Wow! the tips and tactics you have shared are really good and also informative. Finishing is more important than anything because after making a mouth-watering recipe if there is no finishing on it it may be tasty but it may not be eye-catching. Thank you.

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